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Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

As part of this grand vision, Pathcare has established a world-class advanced NGS lab. Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a high-throughput sequencing technology that allows rapid and relatively inexpensive acquisition of high-resolution genome data of any organism.

Prior to the advent of NGS, the clinical genetic testing was predominantly Single Gene Sequencing tests, followed by Karyotyping, Multi-Gene Panel sequencing and Microarrays. NGS has made rapid strides into the sphere of Clinical Testing and is hailed as a revolution in medical research and practice. A single NGS test could pinpoint hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of genetic variants or disease-causing mutations that could be used to help diagnose disease or predict a person’s risk of developing certain medical conditions.

The NGS diagnostics growth is driven by a growing recognition within the medical community of the importance of genetic analysis for early screening, diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy guidance.

Advanced screening panels are being developed at PathCare for various diseases to enable Disease Research, Prognosis and Diagnosis. The Centre will also focus on Medical Research to understand and unravel the mechanisms underlying in various diseases. As part of this initiative, the thrust will also be on creating partnerships with Pharma and Hospitals to aid in Drug Development. Coupled with the latest technologies in NGS and with the panel of in-house expert Doctors and Genetic Counsellors, Pathcare aims at revolutionizing HealthCare in India.

Leveraging on the power on NGS, applications provided by PathCare are unending, but few worth mentioning are

  • Human Genomics,
  • Plant/Agri Genomics,
  • Animal / Livestock Genomics,
  • Pharmacogenomics